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Clavis, accessible at myclavis.ca, is a startup that specializes in interior design services tailored for homeowners and renters looking to enhance their living spaces. The company operates in the home decor and interior design market, serving clients who are either moving into new homes or looking to refresh their current spaces. Clavis differentiates itself by offering a user-friendly, three-step process: clients can select or upload their floor plans, decorate their spaces with their favorite brands, and visualize the final look through a concierge service.

The business model of Clavis revolves around a combination of personalized design services and an integrated shopping experience. Clients can either work with Clavis' Style Coaches—professional interior designers who provide expert advice—or use the platform's tools to design their own spaces. Once the design is finalized, clients can shop for the recommended pieces directly through Clavis, ensuring a seamless transition from design to purchase.

Clavis makes money through multiple revenue streams. Firstly, it charges for its design services, either as a one-time fee or through subscription plans. Secondly, it earns commissions from sales made through its platform, partnering with various home decor brands to offer a wide range of products. This dual revenue model allows Clavis to cater to a broad audience, from DIY enthusiasts to those seeking professional design assistance.

In summary, Clavis is revolutionizing the home decor market by making interior design accessible and straightforward. It combines expert advice with a convenient shopping experience, ensuring clients can confidently create beautiful living spaces.

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