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We create person-centered biofeedback technologies that lead to meaningful health insights and connections. We empower people to enjoy the life they’re living by unlocking their greatest potential. Learn more



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At True Angle, we see technology as a tool to help people realize new possibilities, feel their best, and find joy in the life they are living. We bring together a community of clinicians, designers, engineers, and researchers who translate their curiosity into a passion for solution-focused excellence.

Our first technology, the Mobili-T, is a mobile health device that allows people with swallowing disorders to confidently complete their therapy anytime and anywhere, all while still being connected with a clinician. Our second technology, Breth, offers at-home breathwork exercises and meditation experiences designed to alleviate anxiety and improve respiratory health. Mobili-T inspired the direction for Breth as struggles with breathing and anxiety are both a large part of, but not exclusive, to swallowing disorders. Breth, opens new avenues in customer wellness by also contributing to circulatory health, enhanced focus, and emotional wellbeing.

Together, these solutions expand our commitment to the health and wellness space, tapping into the growing demand for home-based products that support health, fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness. They harness the power of biofeedback to allow the user greater understanding and control of their health, in the form of sleek, convenient wearable technology. With each innovation, we aim to broaden our reach to align with the consumer trend of using technology to access and enhance wellbeing.

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